Clara / DHS Owner

Clara Johnson is an established hair specialist with over 25 years experience with Dominican hair care techniques and products. With her ‘gifted’ hands, she is extremely astute in the application of color, relaxers, and texturizers.  In fact, she uses a special technique for the application of relaxers. 

Clara has hundreds of personal hair care clients including those in the Entertainment Industry such as Nicki Minaj, Joyful Drake, Natasha Hopkins, Dania Ramirez, Karyn White, Dia Simms, Cara Donatto, Kiki Melendez and others. Clara is also a graduate of Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts with a certificate in Motion Picture & Television Makeup. Clara’s accomplishments also include certification as a Master Cosmetology Trainer.

Clara is dedicated to catering to those seeking to maximize the health of their hair; she leads our team of talented technicians.

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